Template Based Website Service

In most cases a template based website will server as a fantastic way for small business to achieve a web presence.  Here are a few factors to consider when researching website templates.

Pros of  Template Base Websites

Convenience – Most small business lack the technical know how and resources to design and develop a website.  A template based website solution is fairly easy to implement, and the  majority of templates are easy to maintain once installed.

Compatibility – I’m talking about browser compatibility.  Recently according to mashable.com  it was reported that Google Chrome was the most widely used web browser.  So what does this have to to with a web site template?  Back in the early days of template base web design there was no consideration given to cross browser comparability.  That is not the case now.  Most templates are explicitly labelled with which browsers they may or may not be compatible with.  In most case you will find website templates are compatible with a wide range of browsers. Some may even be new to you!

Cost – The internet is pack full of websites with templates that are FREE or available for much less that it would cost to have a developer design it. abased on web design templates. Most of these are free templates however some come at a cost.

Cons of  Template Base Websites

In most cases using a template for your website is a great idea.  However you will still need to make changes to HTML, CSS and images.  These template changes are a common problem which is not evident when purchasing a website template.  Changing the colors, fonts and images are all website elements that will need to be altered to match your business identity. Additional concerns include the logo and standard navigation. They are just a few example of the alterations that will be required when using a template based website design.

Weather you have already purchased a website template or not, DJS Web Design can help.  I can quickly make changes to web site templates which will give you more time to focus you running your business. I can customize a template based website design of your choice to suit your needs.  The end result is you save the cost of creating a new website design and only pay for customizing the template design.  Just send me an email and will gladly help customize your website template.