How To Create An Affordable Website

Learn How to create a quality yet affordable website

Learn How to create a quality yet affordable website

Learn How to create a quality yet affordable website

For our purposes lets say an affordable website is under $200.  While you can truly build a useful quality website for free there are a few areas were you might want to spend a few dollars.

Q:  How much does a website cost?

A:  The cost of creating or building a website depends on what you are looking to do.

If your looking to build an enterprise e-commerce website sure you will  There are a few things you need to consider but generally speaking a small business or non-profit website should be very affordable. Really web hosting is the only thing you need to pay for. There are free host out there but in the words of a WordPress forum moderator…

We really don’t recommend free hosting – you usually get what you pay for :). If you want free hosting, WordPress.COM might be the best choice – though it’s more limited in what you can do.

Q:  So what are other considerations that effect the cost of a website?

A:  The largest cost is web design however this can be easily minimized.

There is nothing wrong with paying a professional web designer or marketing company a lot of money.  But why do that when we can create an affordable website using WordPress?  Once installed on your server, WordPress will allow you quickly browse and change the layout and design of your website.  There are literally thousands of high quality free themes that are you can install directly from the WordPress Administration Panel.  Can’t find a theme there?  Not a problem.  Check out sites like Template Monster,  Studio Press or Customizr. Those sites have a great selection of free and premium themes which will.

Over the next few weeks I will publish a series of post dedicated to helping you create a quality affordable website for a very low cost.