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Example of Basic HTML header code - I can troubleshoot and provide free website maintenance

Example of Basic HTML header code

Free Website Maintenance is available.  Sound too good to be true?  Well your in luck, it’s not! Your probably busy with all the other tasks of running your business?  Let me have a look at that page template the needs to be fixed or changed?  I can change or update the text?  Need to update staff bio pages? Not a problem I can do that as well.  The process is simple. Just use the form below to submit a request for Free Website Maintenance. I will have a look at the site and let you know what needs to be changed.  Before and changes are made you are consulted and can see the work via a remote support session.

WordPress Software

With my free website maintenance I can look at you current WordPress, LAMP or static website and trouble shoot most common problems.  Many times a problem with an existing site is simple to fix. you just need an experienced person to look at the setting and code.  This maintenance can be done within a remote desktop support session which would allow me to show you exactly what needs to be done to possible avoid issues in the future.

Page Templates

A page template or theme is heart of a website.  Themes and page templates control the look and fell of your website. I have seen many problems with a website stem from an issue with a template.  This goes for both expensive paid templates and free templates as well.  Again many times the fix for a problem on a template file is simple, you just need to know where to look.

Request Free Website Maintenance

To request website maintenance or free support just complete the form below.

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